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these cards are possibly the most beautiful mama’s day cards i’ve ever seen. 

Disney Wants To Trademark 'Dia De Los Muertos'

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as much as i disagree with petitioning, begging or trying to appeal to the moral senses of empire* as a viable political tactic, shaming these propagators of empire has historically worked to reverse racist, sexist and appropriative acts (because ain’t none of them want to be losing their profits or consumer base).

SHAME ‘EM: https://www.change.org/petitions/walt-disney-company-stop-trademark-of-dia-de-los-muertos

*by empire i mean any state or institution that props up capitalism, neo-colonialism, imperialism or neoliberalism.

sometimes i have these out of body moments where in the midst of quiet, my spirit is pulled to some place i haven't quite been. i see something, i feel many. and then i'm back. tonight it happened again.

as i sit here on this sunday evening, reading my book nestled into soft brown couch with big warm blanket, war is happening.

so many with bullet wounds, bare stomachs and steel bars as their only windows.

so many fighting for their last breath, first meal and second chance.

so many with so many others yelling, pleading, whispering “freedom.”

this comfort is ugly.

it arrives with a pool of red sweat and carcass.

it arrives because this land is its graveyard.

it arrives because we crave it too much to stop it.

our comfort has become our only privilege and it has become dangerous.

dangerous enough that we will cry, die, slave for it rather than for our freedom.

dangerous enough to keep us chained to our tv, to our desks, to this couch rather than to the streets, to the struggle, to our people.

dangerous enough to kill us.

and tonight, unlike most nights, i smell death in the comfort of my own home.


Maya Women reversing that White Settler-Colonial Gaze. 
 exotic white ppl we see u


Maya Women reversing that White Settler-Colonial Gaze. 

 exotic white ppl we see u

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Shirin Neshat - Rebellious Silence, 1994. RC print and ink


Shirin NeshatRebellious Silence, 1994. RC print and ink


Opens Tues, May 7, 6-8p:

The Wrinkles of the City, Havana Cuba
 JR & José Parlá

Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, 505 W24th St., NYC

This exhibition will consist of twelve large portraits from the Havana iteration of The Wrinkles of the City project along with a site-specific installation. In 2012, JR and Parlá photographed and interviewed dozens of senior citizens who lived through the Cuban revolution, flyposting colossal black-and-white portraits of their subjects on the walls of city buildings. Parlá, who is of Cuban descent, interlaces the images with palimpsestic, calligraphic writings and color. In a city devoid of commercial imagery, JR and Parlá’s enormous yet intimate portraits offer a stunningly humane contrast to the endless repetition of political icons. - thru July 12

"rise of the dandelions"

dancer: Storyboard P

[east oakland, ca may day 2013.]

may 1st is a day where worker’s, their families and their comrades rise up to demand better wages, hours, conditions and essentially, greater freedom. this expression of worker’s struggle was born in australia on april 21st, 1856 when workers stopped their exploitative work, went out in the streets and demanded an 8 hour work day. this struggle and this demand got replicated later by 200,000 workers in the streets of the the u.s. on may 1st, 1886. obviously, it was followed by the police smashing that shit for the state will always try to repress any tactic for our liberation. regardless of the state’s continued violence against us, they continued and we will continue to rise until we are met with freedom.

may day is now a day of global worker recognition. there is no time that worker’s aren’t struggling for our dignity, our time and our liberation. whether we’re struggling for

- better working conditions like the garment workers in bangladesh,

- higher wages and shorter work days like the hong kong dock workers (who have been on strike for 36 days now w/o a union fund supporting them!)

- getting paid (and not getting fucking shot at) for our backbreaking work like the migrant pakistani and bangladeshi strawberry workers in greece,

- greater security against unjust firings, I-9 audits (silent raids) and union complacency like the 125 undocumented workers who were fired en masse at the dobake industrial bakeries in oakland, ca after working there for 10-20 years.

we are always in struggle.

may day is a day to bring forth our awareness as workers, as unemployed, as oppressed peoples that our struggle is connected and that those who try to break us can be broken.

"The first of May demanded the introduction of the eight-hour day. But even after this goal was reached, May Day was not given up. As long as the struggle of the workers against the bourgeoisie and the ruling class continues, as long as all demands are not met, May Day will be the yearly expression of these demands. And, when better days dawn, when the working class of the world has won its deliverance then too humanity will probably celebrate May Day in honor of the bitter struggles and the many sufferings of the past."- rosa luxemburg


for more info on the mi pueblo boycott:



prison activist

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one of the fiercest comrades i know and a person with whom i get to learn in collaboration. friendship for days.

she integrates marxist revolutionary theory and buddhism into praxis. she plays with curiosity and builds mass struggle. and she does it all while servin up compassionate realness and the most delicious lentil farrow soup because the struggle must be nourished.

and because she’s always down to play, experiment and help a sista out, she became my muse as i worked on capturing emotional authenticity and intensity using minimalism, lighting and color.

find her wisdom @ kloncke.com.

you’re welcome, in advance ;)

[tool: canon eos 40d lens 24-105]